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Monday, June 30, 2008

Big Foot In Sarawak Village?

SIBU, June 13 (Bernama) -- Is there a Big Foot in Sarawak? That's the question now on everyone's lips following the discovery of a pair of giant footprints in a Melanau village in Daro in the Mukah Division, about three hours by express boat from here.The Borneo Post English daily and its sister Chinese language newspaper See Hua Daily News reported the find, footprints measuring 47 inches (119.38 cm) from heel to toe and 17 (43.18 cm) from side to side, on their front pages Friday.They reported that a local businessman, Tan Soon Kuang, had claimed to have seen the footprints at the village which he declined to identify at the request of the villagers."They are clearly too gigantic to belong to any normal human being," he was quoted as saying.Tan had also said that the villagers had mixed feelings about the discovery. Some were curious while others were scared, he said.Nevertheless, he said, the villagers had cleared a footpath leading to the footprints in anticipation of more visitors over the weekend.It would be "tough for a person to create such marks (footprints) on the hard ground", said Tan.A civil servant, who requested anonymity, said when contacted that he had seen the footprints but admitted that it was hard to say whether they were genuine without any scientific backing.He said many people had been coming in the past few days to see the footprints. He also said that in the old days, the area was used by certain people for solitary meditation in the hope of getting whatever they desired from divine beings.Jemoreng state assemblyman Abu Seman Jahwie said he had yet to see the footprints although he had heard of the discovery.Malaysians were in the grip of Big Foot mania about three years ago after several people claimed to have seen a Big Foot family which had left footprints measuring up to 45 cm long in a forested area in Johor.-- BERNAMA